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Bradford and Webster pantomimes

Toby Bradford and Tina Webster have written 12 pantomimes together. All titles are available from the Panto Scripts website. Productions of Bradford and Webster pantomimes have won awards at both local and Noda regional level. Their scripts have been performed across the UK and beyond.

Click on the individual titles for a synopsis and the opportunity to download a sample.

What they said about Bradford and Webster pantomimes ...

Snow White and The Seven

"A very updated and clever new slant on this traditional pantomime ... a super show."

Treasure Island

"I salute writers Toby Bradford and Tina Webster for one of the brightest scripts I've heard. The entire show was packed with originality."

"This was a high-octane romp based on the classic pirate adventure."

"This was a show that managed to both shiver your timbers and yet send you home on the crest of a wave! "


"A wonderfully funny new version by Toby Bradford and Tina Webster, which offers a laugh-a-minute, contemporary take on this much loved pantomime."

"Neat twists ... an updated version of the world's favourite pantomime ... the villagers loved it. Stand-out scene was the beauty parlour."

“It’s the familiar story with added bells and, of course, Buttons. The script is very witty, with some lovely lines.”


"A classic pantomime with some wonderful set pieces."

"There are a lot of new ideas in the script and nice attention to detail. Overall, I think, a gem."

Jack and the Beanstalk

"Roars of laughter."

"This traditional tale had everything that a good panto needs."

"Quintessential pantomime."

Sleeping Beauty

"A brilliantly funny pantomime."

"This panto is a beauty that won't send you to sleep!"

Robin Hood

"There are some very funny lines. It sends you out with a smile on your face."

“A beautifully written Pantomime by Bradford and Webster.”

“Toby Bradford and Tina Webster’s hilarious panto adaptation contains more than its fair share of mayhem and merriment.”

“A warm, sparky, engagingly daft romp that went down a storm with the younger audience”


“Sinbad has everything you could want from a family friendly pantomime, and it’s also full of surprises that will delight kids and adults alike.”

Dick Whittington

"Good, old-fashioned, pantomime."


"A funny script with a good storyline and all the traditional character types."

The Prince's Quest

"For seasoned pantomime goers, the premiere of The Prince's Quest came as a breath of fresh air. It has all the goodies, baddies, music and slapstick expected of a traditional panto - but a completely new story-line."

To find out more about Bradford and Webster pantomimes, go to the Noda website

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